Author Kristofer Clarke

Kristofer Clark is a professional writer.

           Author Kristofer Clarke




Attorney Jelani Graybourne was the new man of Samantha Wells' now shattered dreams. Now Samantha has a few scores to settle. She's made her list, and at the top is Attorney Graybourne. At her disposal are the secrets she's worked tirelessly to discover, and she does not disguise her desires to seek and destroy everything that is associated with the man she once loved. Jelani must stay one step ahead to protect his own secrets, and protect family, the one thing that means more to him than anything else. 

Syreeta Mercer lived her life as Daddy's little girl, and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. She's startled when it's revealed that what she known as truth might have been everyone else's perfect lie. What she doesn't know, won't hurt her. But what is she willing to risk to know if an alternate truth exists?


One Day You Will is the fifth novel by Author Kristofer Clarke, the second in the Attorney J.B. Graybourne series, and the sequel to Don't Ask My Neighbor. One Day You will is now available for ebook pre-order on Please visit the Web Store to order your autographed paperback copy. 


Paperback Available/Release Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015