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Kristofer Clark is a professional writer.

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Less Than Perfect Circumstance

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When Dexter DeGregory, a prominent attorney from the metropolitan DC area, Trevor Harrison, a successful Architect and Interior Designer, and Belinda Todson, a savvy, classy housewife, found love, their days of untangling lies and unearthing deceit were over; or so they believed. But soon they found themselves in situations that love made it seemingly impossible to find their way out of. Love caused them to once again ignore deceptions and dishonesty, and instead attempt to rectify relationships that exposed them to heartache. Even when those less-than-perfect circumstances threatened other, more meaningful relationships, letting go seemed an impossible thing to do. Dexter, Trevor, and Belinda encounter and endure the harsh reality of falling in love and trusting love. They explore the joys of uninhibited intimacy and companionship, and the pains of infidelity and betrayal. Will the threat of death give Dexter the bravery he needs to finally end the tangled relationship he’s found himself in? Will a close friend’s revelation provide Belinda the courage she needs to face the failure she’s been avoiding, and end her marriage to the man she’s loved since college? Will the peril of losing a new love give Trevor the audacity to finally let go? When you find yourself in a less-than-perfect circumstance… What will it take to finally get out?

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