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Kristofer Clark is a professional writer.

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'Til It Happens To You

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The grass isn't always green on the other side, the third time isn't always a charm, and trust is a hard thing to come by these days. These are the lessons learned by Trevor, Devaan, and Jackson when they decided to give love one last try. They are led down this familiar road of infidelity, betrayal, and secrets.  That's not the only problem: the secrets held by one could destroy all three, and someone desires to expose them and break their worlds apart. As the sift through potential blackmailers begins, they wonder should they allow their truths to control their fates; or allow someone else's adaptation to take its course and crumble their worlds. For Trevor, Devaan, and Jackson, love has never kept anything together. Nothing could be further for the truth; at least, they hope.

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