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Kristofer Clark is a professional writer.

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Second Thoughts

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For every confidence, there is someone willing to betray it. As a young boy, Patrick McKay knew his father had a heart. What he didn’t know was that this heart was not only cold, but made entirely of stone. Patrick found this out the hard way when he was awaken by the punishment his father was inflicting on him after finding out the one secret Patrick had only shared with one other person, Taylor Duncan. This was the just punishment his father had decided on after finding out the boy he was raising as his son, wouldn’t grow up to be the man he envisioned. Now Omar Duval has been released from his ten year prison term and is about to cause trouble in the lives of those he once claimed to love. The secrets he holds will not only test the relationship Patrick has developed with the woman he’s known as his mother, but also the close bond he has with his younger brother Chance, a professional athlete who can't seem to keep his distance from trouble. Patrick is overwhelmed cleaning up the mess Chance always finds himself in, while trying to keep secrets from destroying his relationships. But for Patrick, it may already be too late. Everywhere Taylor goes, her indiscretions seem to follow. She has found herself in another precarious situation, this time with Dillon, her sister's husband. After having another close encounter with Dillon, Taylor has confided in DaMarcus, her son’s father, thinking she has no one else to turn to. Has she just sealed her fate? DaMarcus, the man who is secretly plotting to destroy her just as she destroyed his relationship, was just handed the information he needed to make her pay. But Taylor hasn’t told all her secrets, and this deepest, darkest secret will change the lives of everyone around her. Just how will this play out?

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